• Back at It And SO Friggin Glad!

    This past week (originally posted in April) was a whirlwind here at Ngano Press Studios. We had our first film shoot at the farm. No, the weather did NOT cooperate. The mud was ankle-deep in places, but that made for great bonfire conditions. Between cast and crew, there were about twenty people here. ALL MASKED UP and teeth chattering! I was on craft services. Maybe twenty pots of coffee for two and a half days?! To be fair, there were two late-night shoots, so warm and caffeinated was a requirement. The other bonus is my audiobook narrator, Heston Mosher, who has a voice like butter, managed to come a few…

  • It’s So Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

    A dear friend sent me a farm warming present from a fabulous woman-run business called Brooklyn Mojo! The collection of flour sack dish towels makes washing dishes (yes, we have no dishwasher. YET!) less of a drudge. Some arrived in these charming bags perfect for holding and distributing resin for those slippery, sweaty yoga hands. The fan, a necessary and much-used item, was a gift from the SIL’s side of the family. Made in Uganda, I would have one in every room. Hint hint! The book, well, it’s all ME! The F*cking Yoga Book is available in print, ebook, and audiobook. Buy it. Read it. Review it. Recommend it.

  • 4-18-2021 Foam Roller Workshop

    Spend an hour and fifteen minutes offering your body some deep tissue release. Working out some of those knots and bound-up fascia, we’re going to show the love and maybe cry a little. Digging in the garden? Tackling weeds? Spring cleaning? Let’s work out the kinks. You’ll need a foam roller, a strap, a blanket, and a couple of tennis balls. It’s not quite as good as a massage, but almost! Join me live or fit your schedule! Purchase your link, enter your email, and let’s treat ourselves!  https://checkout.square.site/buy/YTW6RZKPQKJ55H6OGT5OQRL2