what a way to start the day

Originally posted 08-04-2021

Good morning, wonderful people and welcome to August!

Remember when the old folks would say, “Gosh, time just flies by!” Well, color me old. It might be the absence of offspring to round up. Maybe it’s the strange limbo of the pandemic. 

It’s fucking August


Here on the farm, we’ve had a couple of cool days with a little drizzle. It makes for lovely, wine-sipping evenings on the front porch. 

A friend of mine said she was glad July was over because August is so much cooler. I seem to remember being pretty miserable in 104F weather six months pregnant, but maybe I’m imagining that. 

Is August our false fall? So far, it seems to be offering us a break in the heat. 

I’ve scheduled this week’s classes to publish the day of in an attempt to reduce your email notifications. I think you can set your notifications on your Patreon account to alleviate the constant emails.

So don’t worry if you don’t see a class right away, they’ll publish just in time for you to click and join live if you want.

Don’t forget, if three people become Patrons for three months and name you as their referral, I’ll send you a t-shirt. Yes, they are sweary.

Hope the day treats you well and I’ll be here this evening to work the day out!