• Detoxification: The New Year’s Flim Flam

    I have an entire chapter in the yoga book called "Did That Bitch Just Fart?" I outline the scientific research that calls bullshit on claims yoga will detox anything except a shitty fucking attitude. It shouldn't be a wonder that I'm calling out the detox zeal that surrounds the passing of the 365th day.

  • The Weather Be Mood Swinging Worse Than I Am

    Crisp mornings. Blazing afternoons. Crackling leaves. I’m feeling ya October.   It’s not quite the time to blow off the weeding, but the freeze will be here soon. AND THEN we’ll have another heatwave OR a blizzard. Hard to tell these days. I have changed from summer bedclothes to winter bedclothes sans an extra blanket or two.  The changes of the season isn’t the only thing happening. Next month the changes to my Patreon tiers become official. It all boils down to less than a dollar per class, no matter which level you decide fits. Even if you only do one class per week, you’re paying less than a $5.00…

  • Farm life and springtime

    originally posted May 11, 2021 So, the dotter was forced off the road yesterday and the mud sucked her in! We trekked out this morning to see if we could do anything and turns out we could! Call AAA! Roy with Royal Towing was a joy and easy peasy (his words) took about ten minutes to get me back on the road, filled the flat, and made me laugh 😂. Lessons learned: Don’t yield to assholes who drive away after failing to yield even a little bit It’s never as bad as you think. Always, always have muck boots and a extra waterproof layer so that if you have to…

  • Spring Sprung A Leak. Finally!

    Nothing like being flat on your back while watching the first thunderstorm of the season roll over the farm. Thunder cracked. Lightning struck on-site multiple times. And the dogs lost their shit (even Asha who has never been afraid of storms in the past). I LOVED it. Don’t mind the screen, rain was flying every which way and our driveway river was moving fast. Our weather system said 1.5 inches of rain in about seven hours and 1100 lightning strikes within fifteen miles.  I thought that was a lot but apparently thunderstorms can generate  approximately 40,000 strikes in one night. The things I google since we moved to the farm.…

  • Look how pretty!

    The bag is from https://www.brooklynmojo.com/. The fan is from Uganda. The book is ALL ME! https://www.audible.com/pd/The-F-cking-Yoga-Book-Audiobook/B08VRZM5P4