• I Thought Yoga Was Just Stretching

      It’s that time of year or rather the NEW time of year when my yoga classes are flooded with people who have been sold on the idea that yoga is good for them. Most of them come because they think it’s going to be stretching galore. Hint, it’s not.  

  • Real Yoga Doesn’t Need Music

    Fuck you. Oh, come on, you knew that was coming. Given my yoga brand, it’s fair to say I encounter a plethora of ‘true yogis’ who, despite their Zen, have all kinds of feelings about my message. This one is a common refrain. Real yoga doesn’t need music.   Again, I say take your Zen and shove it. I teach in a recreation center. At any given time, there are rec league volleyball games, basketball games, super sexy masculine weight droppers, and very loud conversations happening outside the door to our studio. Music helps us let go of those intrusions and gives us a chance to practice our Pratyahara and…

  • Yes, I Have A Problem with Yin

    Once upon a time, one of my regular clients brought a friend to my Evening Yoga class. They wanted to share the joy that is The F*cking Yoga Co with a person who practices yoga. Recognizing there were some new faces in class, I gave my schpeel. “Welcome to Evening Yoga. This is ooey-gooey, the last one to bed is a rotten egg yoga.” Before I could continue the new person interrupted, “We could do an hour of Yin yoga instead.” I stopped and pinned her with a look. “You’ve never been to my classes. Hold the comments until the end.” I worked the yoga groove and rocked her world.…

  • Quit Apologizing for Who We Are and Let Go of Who We Used to Be

    Buckle up, buttercups. I’m dipping my toes into the whoo-whoo waters. Repeat this sentence: It’s time to let go of who we used to be and embrace who we are. I’ve heard the following multiple times in the last few weeks from new clients and regular clients: I used to be in shape. I used to be able to do this. When I was young, I could do any pose I wanted. My body is too old and worn out.

  • It’s My JOB: Making Yoga Accessible to You

      Accessibility. This is where I lose my cool. Okay, not the only time, but when new clients tell me they have never been helped in a yoga class I definitely lose my shit. Not the occasional new client either. Every. Single. Time. Most of the people who have come to my beginning class have felt unwelcome in a yoga class because the instructor didn’t create an accessible flow even if the class description said, “Beginners welcome.”