What Do You DO out there?!

originally posted June 10, 2021

Today was crazy. It was overcast and 75 degrees, so relief from this blazing heat, but it was SIXTY-FIVE percent humidity!

We live in the high desert. It’s not supposed to be that bloody humid!

Though after a walk with the Beard and the dogs, I hopped on the tractor to mow in the relative cool and start day one of what was a three-day chore . . . mowing.

We mow around the house and I tackle a walking path that runs the perimeter of our acreage. It measures almost two miles, as Google tracks, of trail. 

Our landscape designer recommended a six-foot-wide swath so we have a chance to avoid snakes. Boy, did I take that advice to heart!

The benefits of the path surprised me. The dogs behave better than when we were walking in the wilds of the field. I think they perceive it like the sidewalks of our old stomping ground.

The Beard and I noticed a nest on our earlier walk, so we posted some red flags and I made sure to veer wide on my pass with the brush hog. The eggs were unattended this morning, but not only was mama bird in the house as I made my rounds, but she wasn’t having any of it. 

I kept a careful eye on the ground as I managed to finish my double pass so as not to disturb any other nests. 

The sky cleared and the temp jumped to 90 in the time it took me to park the tractor and get inside. So I’m calling it a day outside!

I hope y’all are keeping cool and wearing sunscreen!

My view from the tractor.