It’s Officially Summer

We’ve been taking a beating with this heat!  I’ll never complain about mud on the farm again . . . maybe. 

This break from the triple-digit weather feels like a traditional Colorado June and makes for much better sleeping.

I hope you all are finding ways to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors if that’s your thing. If you are all Netflix and chill, let me know and I’ll share what I’m watching!

Thanks to all of you who are supporting me on Patreon. I love doing yoga with you in separate spaces. Next year, I hope we’ll be able to offer some in-person specials on the new foundation of the yoga studio! The first step in our farm retreat space. 

If you haven’t taken the plunge on Patreon, I’d love to hear from you. I miss you all and hope everyone is well and thriving. Remember, it’s less than thirty-five cents a class!

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been tough some days, but I’m digging deep and trying to embrace the changes!

I’ve been thinking about a weekend yoga event in Grand Lake. Is anyone interested in beating the heat in August?

Thanks for the continued support and I look forward to the time when you all can join me for some yoga!

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