• Taking the new tractor for a spin

    I took the keys with a jingle and said, “And they never saw her again.” Our tractor guy, Darrell, said, “I think I fell in love with you just a little bit.” I’m a woman of simple pleasures. Boulders. Concrete. Wine.  And now . . .  tractors.

  • The Cull Continues

    My mother was a hoarder. Her father was a hoarder. If they had one of something, it was a safe bet they had FIVE of something. After my mother passed, my dad surprised me by seeming to discover her propensity for collecting things for the first time in fifty-one years of marriage.  I guess the secret to a successful relationship is not to look in the closets.  She had over eighty pairs of shoes . . . IN THEIR BOXES.  When he mentioned her twenty-five open bottles of shampoo with the comment, “She didn’t have that much hair!” I lost it. We pushed past the sorrow of her loss and…

  • 9-01-2021 Bloopers

    Watch me lose it slightly. So we had a scheduling mix-up and you’ll love my little breakdown after a couple of shitty weeks. That LARGE glass of wine? Oh yeah, it’s going to be gone soon! Muah! Wine FYI: I’m finishing off a Calçada Rosé. This is one of my FAVORITES. It falls somewhere between $12.00 and $15.00. It’s fruit-forward with a teeny bit of strawberry and a TON of crisp minerality on the finish. I am NOT a sweet wine drinker and this Portuguese Rosé is perfect chilled on a hot day!  I bought this at Windsor Discount Liquor when I was in town last week for an appointment.

  • Not for the Squeamish

    So, I didn’t take pictures of this morning’s crowd. But picture this mosh pit in the yoga space. And on the roof. And on the porch. And the deck. And the vehicles.  FYI: the stove was FULL of them. You know that feeling that something is crawling on you? Yeah, that. But occasionally today, something WAS!

  • Getting Rid of MORE!

    The great cull continues. In the spirit of only buying something that I can make room for by getting rid of it’s equivalent, I moved on to credit cards. Today’s episode of shit I’m eliminating is brought to you by stores I no longer shop regularly.  In the past, Kohl’s has been a great, “If I can’t find it anywhere, I bet Kohl’s has it” store. To be honest, I never was a huge Kohl’s cash fan. Earning the Kohl’s cash meant I already bought a ton of stuff. I didn’t need MORE in the next two weeks. And without offspring to outfit with school clothes, it’s not on my…