• The Cull Continues

    My mother was a hoarder. Her father was a hoarder. If they had one of something, it was a safe bet they had FIVE of something. After my mother passed, my dad surprised me by seeming to discover her propensity for collecting things for the first time in fifty-one years of marriage.  I guess the secret to a successful relationship is not to look in the closets.  She had over eighty pairs of shoes . . . IN THEIR BOXES.  When he mentioned her twenty-five open bottles of shampoo with the comment, “She didn’t have that much hair!” I lost it. We pushed past the sorrow of her loss and…

  • 9-01-2021 Bloopers

    Watch me lose it slightly. So we had a scheduling mix-up and you’ll love my little breakdown after a couple of shitty weeks. That LARGE glass of wine? Oh yeah, it’s going to be gone soon! Muah! Wine FYI: I’m finishing off a Calçada Rosé. This is one of my FAVORITES. It falls somewhere between $12.00 and $15.00. It’s fruit-forward with a teeny bit of strawberry and a TON of crisp minerality on the finish. I am NOT a sweet wine drinker and this Portuguese Rosé is perfect chilled on a hot day!  I bought this at Windsor Discount Liquor when I was in town last week for an appointment.

  • Not for the Squeamish

    So, I didn’t take pictures of this morning’s crowd. But picture this mosh pit in the yoga space. And on the roof. And on the porch. And the deck. And the vehicles.  FYI: the stove was FULL of them. You know that feeling that something is crawling on you? Yeah, that. But occasionally today, something WAS!

  • Getting Rid of MORE!

    The great cull continues. In the spirit of only buying something that I can make room for by getting rid of it’s equivalent, I moved on to credit cards. Today’s episode of shit I’m eliminating is brought to you by stores I no longer shop regularly.  In the past, Kohl’s has been a great, “If I can’t find it anywhere, I bet Kohl’s has it” store. To be honest, I never was a huge Kohl’s cash fan. Earning the Kohl’s cash meant I already bought a ton of stuff. I didn’t need MORE in the next two weeks. And without offspring to outfit with school clothes, it’s not on my…

  • It’s Officially Summer

    We’ve been taking a beating with this heat!  I’ll never complain about mud on the farm again . . . maybe.  This break from the triple-digit weather feels like a traditional Colorado June and makes for much better sleeping. I hope you all are finding ways to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors if that’s your thing. If you are all Netflix and chill, let me know and I’ll share what I’m watching! Thanks to all of you who are supporting me on Patreon. I love doing yoga with you in separate spaces. Next year, I hope we’ll be able to offer some in-person specials on the new foundation…