What do you do all day on the farm? Well . . .

Last Sunday, we seeded the entire west side of the house. Started at 9 a.m. and didn’t call it quits until 7 p.m. Spent a little time Monday morning finishing off the last little bits and figuring out a watering system. No sprinkler system on the farm. 

Thanks to Danielle R for a smoking deal on the straw bales, and guess who may be getting some goats next year?! No, no goat parkour, but if y’all want to come pet or milk, all are welcome! I think the learning curve on that new adventure will be steep. Also, I love goat cheese. 

Yes, The Beard and I have dressed alike. Keeping the sun off and the straw out was our game plan. You can tell us apart because the Beard jumped every time I moved the water. Just an FYI, water doesn’t melt witches since I took the sprinklers square in the face a couple of times, and I’m still here!

The Beard still hasn’t recovered from the allergy flare-up. 

Trying to finish up the autumn, outside chores before the snow falls . . . last year we had a couple of flurries around this time! 

Grass seeded. √ 

New cat house. 

Transplant trees.

Spread more soil nutrients.

Broadcast more seed. 

Okay, the list is a little long. We still have a wall to tear out and a couple of windows to get fixed. In any case, it’s the yoga that keeps me going!

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