Bird Control Is Someone Else’s Job

The Beard was supposed to get this carcass out. Early cat gets the bird.

So, new farm adventure. The birds are coming down the chimney. Last week, it was a raven. Not a small bird, it must have worked hard to get into the flue. Once the dotter noticed Idra hovering around the stove, she made the mistake of opening the door.

Taking its shot, the raven made a sweeping tour of the house before the dotter, and the Beard managed to herd it out of the house.

Yesterday, I thought I caught movement in the stove but when I opened the door to check . . . nothing.

While I was in town running errands, Idra the Hellbitch sat watching the stove door like television, and the dotter opened the door . . . nothing.

This morning, the cat was again hovering on the hearth, and I opened the door to see, sadly, a dead sparrow in the ash.

I tasked the Beard with bird removal, and this is how he delegates. 

Actually, when he opened the door, ANOTHER bird flew out! The Beard frantically shooed it out the front door to see Idra picking up the slack upon his return. 

Idra had taken matters into her own paws. Yuck. 

Next to-do item: put a screen on the roof to prevent any more birds from dropping into the stove like a PEZ dispenser!