Spring Sprung. A LEAK!

originally posted April 29, 2021

Nothing like being flat on your back while watching the first thunderstorm of the season rollover the farm.

Thunder cracked. Lightning struck on-site multiple times. And the dogs lost their shit (even Asha who has never been afraid of storms in the past). I LOVED it.

Don’t mind the screen, the rain was flying every which way and our driveway river was moving fast. Our weather system said 1.5 inches of rain in about seven hours and 1100 lightning strikes within fifteen miles. 

I thought that was a lot but apparently, thunderstorms can generate approximately 40,000 strikes in one night. The things I google since we moved to the farm. Oy.

In any case, sincere thanks to the best clients ever! Thank you for the messages of support: many made me laugh, some made me teary (that could have been the vaccine) but all of them offered grace and kindness. 

It is wonderful to feel I have the room to recover without feeling like I’m letting you all down.

I’ll admit, I’m feeling a little panicky being in bed this long. Chalk it up to PTSD after eight weeks in bed with the COVID. I am reminding myself that I’m not feeling achy any longer, my fever sweats have stopped, and while I’m still a little fatigued I do feel better.

Tomorrow is ON! And I’ll be double recording to make up this week’s classes. I’ll post those times in case anyone wants to join me live.

Be well. Get your vaccine! Wear your masks!