Back at It And SO Friggin Glad!

This past week (originally posted in April) was a whirlwind here at Ngano Press Studios. We had our first film shoot at the farm. No, the weather did NOT cooperate. The mud was ankle-deep in places, but that made for great bonfire conditions. Between cast and crew, there were about twenty people here. ALL MASKED UP and teeth chattering!

I was on craft services. Maybe twenty pots of coffee for two and a half days?! To be fair, there were two late-night shoots, so warm and caffeinated was a requirement. The other bonus is my audiobook narrator, Heston Mosher, who has a voice like butter, managed to come a few days early to finish recording The Esau Convergence! (Available now in ebook and print.)

Look for that release around the holidays!

That said, I am BEAT! Also, while you all were doing yoga, I was keeping people fed and hopped up on coffee, and let me tell you, I am missing yoga!

I am scheduled for my second COVID vaccination after Morning Energy Yoga tomorrow and I’ve heard it might kick my ass around the block so I’ll keep you updated.

I hope your weekend held no surprises and everyone is well!