It’s A Boat Thing

Good morning, wonderful people!

Twelve hours of sleep and a LOT of water later and I feel almost back to near-normal.  I’m sorry to have dumped ER on you without a detailed explanation, but the last few days have been a doozy!

Starting you off with a little joy. The Beard and I spent Saturday moving our inherited boat to the edge of our farm near the driveway. It will make the perfect geographical reference. The Beard blasted Jimmy Buffet while stringing twinkle lights (I helped) and towing it down the drive. 

For those of you new to The F*cking Yoga Co, the reason I’m teaching exclusively online is that the first week of March 2020 I went to bed and didn’t get up until the end of April. I had a presumptive positive COVID, which means at the time, there were no tests available so I don’t have an official COVID diagnosis.

That said, all of the docs agreed that I had the Rona and then pneumonia and now I’m long hauling.   As a result of COVID, I have non-allergic, asthma requiring daily treatment. The vaccine knocked out most of my fatigue, brain fog, and joint pain though starting this March, I started experiencing chronic paresthesia (skin-crawling, nerve-tingling, partial numbness, and nerve sensitivity). 

It began in my feet and has continued up my legs and the left side of my body to my scalp. I am seeing a neurologist and had tests (blood, spinal tap, and scans) scheduled.  FUN!

Monday I was in town dropping the truck off at the body shop when I experienced severe paresthesia in my face, from my chin to my scalp and out to my ears. My lips went numb and I couldn’t feel my teeth. (Something that hasn’t happened since an unfortunate game of Quarters in my misspent youth). Unnerved, I went to the ER at the direction of my neurologist. 

I don’t panic often. I admit I approached panic. 

After a very long day, an IV, multiple tests, and the words MS uttered more times than I ever wanted to hear, more tests were scheduled and I was sent home to stew. Yesterday saw 25 blood vials drawn from both arms and hands. And of course, because it was a town day, I ran all of the errands . . . exactly the opposite of what I was supposed to do after such a demanding blood draw. 

The long story short of this is to GET YOUR VACCINES! 

All of this is a correlative result of having the COVID. You don’t need to experience a serious case, as I did, to start experiencing long-term effects. 

I was an extremely healthy person who exercised sixteen to eighteen hours per week. Now, I have asthma. If the air quality is bad, I have to stay indoors. I’m struggling to gain my strength back. And now this fresh hell is making that even more difficult.

Yoga is one of the few things that feels amazing

I know it’s feeling preaching and I say it at the end of every class: get vaccinated, wear your masks, and socially distance. It’s not enough to get a mild case. It’s not enough to survive. It’s possible that your entire life will be affected. And FUCK THAT NOISE!