Beginning Yoga: WTF?

Beginning yoga is one of the most important classes when you start a yoga practice and in my experience, it is rarely offered.

I see a lot of “all levels of participants are welcome.” Sadly, these kinds of classes don’t address the beginner’s needs. My mat has a front and a back? You want my foot to go where?! Bitch, I can’t even touch my knees let alone my toes!

Yoga is multilayered and fucking complicated at the best of times. If you are just getting into yoga or returning to yoga after a break, getting back to basics is critical to building good alignment so that when you get stronger and more flexible (yes, you WILL) you have a healthy scaffold to support you.

Beginning yoga at The F*cking Yoga Co. is a light to medium energy practice with focus on how to find YOUR version of the poses and how to modify yoga to protect your body.

Remember, the first few classes are going to SUCK EGGS!