Rant and Rave

Random rants and tirades.

  • Detoxification: The New Year’s Flim Flam

    I have an entire chapter in the yoga book called "Did That Bitch Just Fart?" I outline the scientific research that calls bullshit on claims yoga will detox anything except a shitty fucking attitude. It shouldn't be a wonder that I'm calling out the detox zeal that surrounds the passing of the 365th day.

  • Bird Control Is Someone Else’s Job

    So, new farm adventure. The birds are coming down the chimney. Last week, it was a raven. Not a small bird, it must have worked hard to get into the flue. Once the dotter noticed Idra hovering around the stove, she made the mistake of opening the door. Taking its shot, the raven made a sweeping tour of the house before the dotter, and the Beard managed to herd it out of the house. Yesterday, I thought I caught movement in the stove but when I opened the door to check . . . nothing. While I was in town running errands, Idra the Hellbitch sat watching the stove door…

  • Spring Sprung. A LEAK!

    originally posted April 29, 2021 Nothing like being flat on your back while watching the first thunderstorm of the season rollover the farm. Thunder cracked. Lightning struck on-site multiple times. And the dogs lost their shit (even Asha who has never been afraid of storms in the past). I LOVED it. Don’t mind the screen, the rain was flying every which way and our driveway river was moving fast. Our weather system said 1.5 inches of rain in about seven hours and 1100 lightning strikes within fifteen miles.  I thought that was a lot but apparently, thunderstorms can generate approximately 40,000 strikes in one night. The things I google since…

  • Back at It And SO Friggin Glad!

    This past week (originally posted in April) was a whirlwind here at Ngano Press Studios. We had our first film shoot at the farm. No, the weather did NOT cooperate. The mud was ankle-deep in places, but that made for great bonfire conditions. Between cast and crew, there were about twenty people here. ALL MASKED UP and teeth chattering! I was on craft services. Maybe twenty pots of coffee for two and a half days?! To be fair, there were two late-night shoots, so warm and caffeinated was a requirement. The other bonus is my audiobook narrator, Heston Mosher, who has a voice like butter, managed to come a few…

  • It’s So Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

    A dear friend sent me a farm warming present from a fabulous woman-run business called Brooklyn Mojo! The collection of flour sack dish towels makes washing dishes (yes, we have no dishwasher. YET!) less of a drudge. Some arrived in these charming bags perfect for holding and distributing resin for those slippery, sweaty yoga hands. The fan, a necessary and much-used item, was a gift from the SIL’s side of the family. Made in Uganda, I would have one in every room. Hint hint! The book, well, it’s all ME! The F*cking Yoga Book is available in print, ebook, and audiobook. Buy it. Read it. Review it. Recommend it.