Fad Yoga. WTF?


So when you say you’re writing a yoga book, which I am, people start sending you all kinds of crazy yoga fads. Cat yoga. Metal yoga. Screaming yoga. Karaoke yoga. Facial yoga, I can’t even. Naked yoga. Are you kidding me? Yoga pants are bad enough. SNAKE yoga? Oh hell no. And yes, Stand Up Paddle Board yoga . . . I am going to earn my certification in this fad yoga in August. If I don’t drown or get hypothermia first. Hey, I need some continuing ed credits, yes even for yoga goddamn it and it was the least hippy dippy.

The Beard keeps tagging his ideas with ‘new book chapter’.

Now I love a great playlist and I engineer them to create a specific mood. Think about it as setting intentions without actually setting intentions. I’m sneaky that way.

I know I’m all about yoga for the 99%, but these crazy things aren’t yoga. They are an excuse to do anything but yoga.

Yes, this is me judging.

Okay, SUP yoga just seems fun. Get over it.