• 9-01-2021 Bloopers

    Watch me lose it slightly. So we had a scheduling mix-up and you’ll love my little breakdown after a couple of shitty weeks. That LARGE glass of wine? Oh yeah, it’s going to be gone soon! Muah! Wine FYI: I’m finishing off a Calçada Rosé. This is one of my FAVORITES. It falls somewhere between $12.00 and $15.00. It’s fruit-forward with a teeny bit of strawberry and a TON of crisp minerality on the finish. I am NOT a sweet wine drinker and this Portuguese Rosé is perfect chilled on a hot day!  I bought this at Windsor Discount Liquor when I was in town last week for an appointment.

  • Bird Control Is Someone Else’s Job

    So, new farm adventure. The birds are coming down the chimney. Last week, it was a raven. Not a small bird, it must have worked hard to get into the flue. Once the dotter noticed Idra hovering around the stove, she made the mistake of opening the door. Taking its shot, the raven made a sweeping tour of the house before the dotter, and the Beard managed to herd it out of the house. Yesterday, I thought I caught movement in the stove but when I opened the door to check . . . nothing. While I was in town running errands, Idra the Hellbitch sat watching the stove door…

  • For Those Who’d Like The Flexibility To Reach To Scratch

      Meeting some friends at a local joint, I arrived early and ordered a margarita. The waiter, an imposing figure of six-foot-plus with a smooth bald head, gave me a wink and a friendly smile. As the place sat empty, we chatted a bit. Think Mr. Clean without the gold hoop. Somehow yoga and flexibility popped into the conversation . . . Imagine that. This guy pushed two hundred fifty pounds of trim and fit so when he mentioned his first yoga class I grinned.

  • Take The Weight Off Of Your Shoulders

    One of the number one places we’re tight tight tight is our upper body. Even if you’re not a big weightlifter, your shoulders carry the weight of your world. They’re the most common place our tension sits because we’re literally flinching sometimes.   The Trapezius runs from the base of your skull across to the top of your acromion on one side and on the other, it connects down the spine from C7 of the cervical vertebrae through T12 of your thoracic vertebrae. The neck has a whole mess of muscles from the Levator Scapulae to the strap muscles that collect their own knots of stress. Add the Rhomboids and the…

  • No One Ever Says You’re Getting Fat: Part Two

    Imagine Valentine’s weekend 2014. Like all Februarys in Colorado, the temperature was up and down. Rain one day, snow the next. I don’t typically mind it because it’s a short month and the onset of March means no more below freezing temperatures. I really hate winter.   Six-thirty in the morning before I teach yoga and I’m doing some tidying. Clean the kitchen, run the dishwasher, and take out the rubbish. One wrong step off the front porch and I ended up tits over ass in the driveway. The ankle was shattered.