Take The Weight Off Of Your Shoulders

One of the number one places we’re tight tight tight is our upper body. Even if you’re not a big weightlifter, your shoulders carry the weight of your world. They’re the most common place our tension sits because we’re literally flinching sometimes.


The Trapezius runs from the base of your skull across to the top of your acromion on one side and on the other, it connects down the spine from C7 of the cervical vertebrae through T12 of your thoracic vertebrae. The neck has a whole mess of muscles from the Levator Scapulae to the strap muscles that collect their own knots of stress. Add the Rhomboids and the Lastissimus Dorsi, which are technically back muscles, but they help the shoulder out.


I could go on a rage and rant about A LOT of different yoga poses that are shitty for your shoulders, but the biggie, the second worst pose I see on the regular is Parsva Balasana.


Do You Love My Stick Figure Face?


I don’t teach Parsva Balasana, commonly known as Thread The Needle. No big surprise, it ain’t good for you! Your shoulders are delicate. The shoulder girdle is a complex and technically touchy structure.





I have a lovely modified version, of course, I do. Believe me, I see ‘true’ yogis ignore me all of the time. Lifelong practice, bitches.


Ain’t no return warranty on your body.



Tiny changes can save your shoulders!