The Other Side of The Rainbow

The serene gray walls, the sheer white curtains, and the twinkle lights all serve to balance the chaos that is the other side of the camera!

The folks who built this house took a traditional Jack and Jill bedroom set up and robbed one room to make the other room larger. It’s fucked. 

So not only is the yoga room smaller than typically designed, the hallway is narrow, and the balance of the house is off. What do you do when you are a YouTube sensation? 

You heard me, let’s make this a sensation!

You put your computer in the closet and attempt to build a new filing system because ain’t no desk, file cabinet, or even a lamp going to fit in this room!

Naturally, in the course of any new organizational system there is a piling phase. Okay, my piling phase is now five months old, but I’ll get to it!

I published a book, launched a new platform, and painted two fifteen foot vaulted ceilings. I’m getting shit done. Just not the piling shit. 

Spring has sprung and tax season is upon us. I’m working on it.