• Detoxification: The New Year’s Flim Flam

    I have an entire chapter in the yoga book called "Did That Bitch Just Fart?" I outline the scientific research that calls bullshit on claims yoga will detox anything except a shitty fucking attitude. It shouldn't be a wonder that I'm calling out the detox zeal that surrounds the passing of the 365th day.

  • what a way to start the day

    Originally posted 08-04-2021 Good morning, wonderful people and welcome to August! Remember when the old folks would say, “Gosh, time just flies by!” Well, color me old. It might be the absence of offspring to round up. Maybe it’s the strange limbo of the pandemic.  It’s fucking August.    Here on the farm, we’ve had a couple of cool days with a little drizzle. It makes for lovely, wine-sipping evenings on the front porch.  A friend of mine said she was glad July was over because August is so much cooler. I seem to remember being pretty miserable in 104F weather six months pregnant, but maybe I’m imagining that.  Is…

  • Give The Squish A Shot: Forward Fold Is More Complicated Than You Think

        One of my regular clients asked me about a cue I use on the reg . . . a little squish in the knees. The forward fold is the go-to yoga pose and possibly the easiest, most complex pose of the bunch. Forward folding is the neutral gear of the yoga canon. Done well, it releases hamstring tension, lower back tightness, and on perfect days, I can feel my entire spine crack up the line.   Indeed, I cue it over and over and over. It might be the first time or the hundredth time, but eventually, one of my clients approaches me and asks for clarification.  …

  • For Those Who’d Like The Flexibility To Reach To Scratch

      Meeting some friends at a local joint, I arrived early and ordered a margarita. The waiter, an imposing figure of six-foot-plus with a smooth bald head, gave me a wink and a friendly smile. As the place sat empty, we chatted a bit. Think Mr. Clean without the gold hoop. Somehow yoga and flexibility popped into the conversation . . . Imagine that. This guy pushed two hundred fifty pounds of trim and fit so when he mentioned his first yoga class I grinned.

  • What’s In A Yoga Mat?

    I can’t believe I haven’t addressed the yoga mat topic yet as often as clients ask. Do I need my own yoga mat? What kind of mat should I get? What’s a good price point?   Do you need your own mat?   YES.   Okay, it depends on how germaphobic you are. Me? Other people’s funk? Oh hell no. People sweat in yoga class. Depending on the type of mats they stock at your gym or studio, those mats have been exposed to all kinds of gunk. And don’t get me started on people’s feet. I have an entire chapter about feet in the coming soon The F*cking Yoga Book,…