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  • What’s In A Yoga Mat?

    I can’t believeĀ I haven’t addressed the yoga mat topic yet as often as clients ask. Do I need my own yoga mat? What kind of mat should I get? What’s a good price point?   Do you need your own mat?   YES.   Okay, it depends on how germaphobic you are. Me? Other people’s funk? Oh hell no. People sweat in yoga class. Depending on the type of mats they stock at your gym or studio, those mats have been exposed to all kinds of gunk. And don’t get me started on people’s feet. I have an entire chapter about feet in the coming soon The F*cking Yoga Book,…

  • Pain in The Ass Is A Killer: Hamstrings and Yoga Butt

    Pins and needles. Dull pain running the length of your hamstring. A sharp ache in your ass when you sit down. Clients come to me on the reg with complaints about pain in the ass. No, they’re not referring to me. While it’s common to think it’s Sciatica, which is no fucking joke, I’ve found it’s more often a case of yoga butt. Hamstring pain is a killer.   Yoga Schmoga. I haven’t been doing yoga.   But Julia, I don’t even DO yoga. Even if you don’t do yoga, you can overuse or strain the fascia and upper tissue of the hamstrings. The number one thing people do when…

  • The New Yoga Goddess Logo Is Here!

                She’s been in my head for a while now. The F*cking Yoga Goddess. I knew how she should look, slightly snarky smile, raised eyebrow, and all.     I just couldn’t get her on paper. Kudos to the brilliant artists in my life, but I struggle with stick figures. Yes, I have to draw stick figures, it’s how I notate yoga flows. It’s hard.       Working on building the brand to launch the book, The F*cking Yoga Goddess has been my hidden muse. I can’t wait until my schwag arrives! Of course, we have the original sass, SFW sass, and punny sass…

  • Fad Yoga. WTF?

    So when you say you’re writing a yoga book, which I am, people start sending you all kinds of crazy yoga fads. Cat yoga. Metal yoga. Screaming yoga. Karaoke yoga. Facial yoga, I can’t even. Naked yoga. Are you kidding me? Yoga pants are bad enough. SNAKE yoga? Oh hell no. And yes, Stand Up Paddle Board yoga . . . I am going to earn my certification in this fad yoga in August. If I don’t drown or get hypothermia first. Hey, I need some continuing ed credits, yes even for yoga goddamn it and it was the least hippy dippy.