Only Dumbbells Drop Dumbbells

I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed for Morning Energy Yoga today. Since the town recreation center expanded, we have two rooms for yoga. My classes rotate upstairs to downstairs. Interesting design choice, someone decided to put the weight room upstairs. Directly above the downstairs studio.

To be fair, the downstairs room hosts Zumba, Fit Fun Flex, and RIPPED in addition to the many yoga classes during the day. This morning seemed particularly disruptive. You know what I’m talking about. BOOM BA BOOM.


If Someone’s Looking at You, They Are Not Impressed. They Are Irritated.


Those weight lifting maniacs are upstairs dropping their fucking weights like olympian dead lifters. When did this become a thing? I lift weights and let me tell you, it’s all about control. Sure, I may be fatiguing out, but fuck if I have those weights managed.

Can You Read?

A little hint for those of you mad lifters, it’s absolutely unnecessary and only proves you’re lifting out of your league. Don’t take my dainty word for it, I looked it up. Dropping the weights isn’t needed 90% of the time. In fact, there are signs all over the gym specifically saying, “DON’T DROP THE WEIGHTS.”

But do any of those weight dropping knuckleheads adhere to the rules? Hell no, never mind there is a friggin’ yoga class going on downstairs. Dropping those monsters interrupts the fitness classes I teach as well.

Okay, don’t consider your bullshit disruptive behavior, consider the weights. They aren’t designed to be dropped as part of the work out. Losing control of your weight means something ain’t right and I’m not talking fatigue.


Or perhaps your eyes were bigger than your pecs and there was just too much weight in your hands. Or possibly your form sucks. -Bob Doucette


Are You Illya Illyin? Then Don’t Drop The Friggin’ Weights.

Y’all have been watching too much television. Jim Schmitz, former U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach even says it.  I get it, sometimes shit goes down and you have to drop a weight. But that crap should NOT be a part of your normal routine.


Lowering weights properly won’t weaken you. – Jim Schmitz


I’m not alone in my rage either.

Last month, during Evening Yoga savasana in the upstairs room, some bonehead was in the hallway doing push ups and in between was sliding a twenty pound barbell weight along the floor and letting it spin around to thunk like a quarter. Outside of the studio miles away from the weight room!

And he was pissed at me for gently, GENTLY I tell you, asking him to move it back to the weight room.

Not only is it bad form, both literally and metaphorically, it’s part of the Code, man! You’re not impressing anyone and quite likely you’re just moments shy of having a barbell swung at your head.


Gym Etiquette 

Gym Idiots

Don’t Be A Meathead