• 9-01-2021 Bloopers

    Watch me lose it slightly. So we had a scheduling mix-up and you’ll love my little breakdown after a couple of shitty weeks. That LARGE glass of wine? Oh yeah, it’s going to be gone soon! Muah! Wine FYI: I’m finishing off a Calçada Rosé. This is one of my FAVORITES. It falls somewhere between $12.00 and $15.00. It’s fruit-forward with a teeny bit of strawberry and a TON of crisp minerality on the finish. I am NOT a sweet wine drinker and this Portuguese Rosé is perfect chilled on a hot day!  I bought this at Windsor Discount Liquor when I was in town last week for an appointment.

  • Say Do You Remember, Ba Dee Ya Dancing in September?

    You’re welcome. I really couldn’t help myself! My darling people, how is the approach to autumn treating you? If you haven’t seen my tiny breakdown, you really should check it out. The last couple of weeks have been a doozy for me, but I’m leveling out and getting my bearings back.  Even though Colorado is relatively fire-free, the smoke from the states to our west has proven how dependent we actually are on our climate! This week in the red meant all of us were affected, not only those of us with ‘sensitivities’.  Can you believe we’ve been at this online yoga thing for over a year?! We’re approaching our…