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Things that cannot be unseen.

  • Give The Squish A Shot: Forward Fold Is More Complicated Than You Think

        One of my regular clients asked me about a cue I use on the reg . . . a little squish in the knees. The forward fold is the go-to yoga pose and possibly the easiest, most complex pose of the bunch. Forward folding is the neutral gear of the yoga canon. Done well, it releases hamstring tension, lower back tightness, and on perfect days, I can feel my entire spine crack up the line.   Indeed, I cue it over and over and over. It might be the first time or the hundredth time, but eventually, one of my clients approaches me and asks for clarification.  …

  • Let Your Voice Be Heard!

      Ain’t no secret, I’ve written a yoga book. Yes, the yoga company is called The F*cking Yoga Company.¬†Blame it on the hubby irritating me. Maybe it was the three glasses of wine. Possibly, I’m just sick of perfect, chichi, hippy yoga companies and perfect, chichi¬†hippy yogis. Take your pick. I may not be considered marketable, but I am accessible.